Welcome to 5s’s blogging page!

Welcome to 5’s and our blogging page!

I bit about year 5, We are a bright, active class, which thrives off class room discussion. We love to challenge our own thoughts, opinions and learning through a lot of classroom discussion and talk buddies. We especially enjoy math lessons where own learning is challenged every day. Throughout autumn term one we have being doing science work in topic which we particularly enjoyed as we journeyed through the solar system. Within out literacy lessons we explored Big Writing adventures and learnt how to write effective and persuasive radio reports on how to save the precious orangutans and explore the book Rose Blanche which allow us to feel empathy and explore World War 2 from a child’s perspective. Autumn one was an exciting term, were the students got to explore a range of new concepts, themes and ideas while getting to know their new Australian teacher.

This term the class will be exploring Big Writing adventures, writing time-slip poems and short stories following this students will embarking on a journey through the rainforest with the Kapok tree. The rainforest theme will carry on through topic work where students will discover the different components of rainforest and where to find them. Students will also have the opportunity to create a rainforest in the classroom through art and design.

Keep posted for updates and pictures on our amazing Autumn 2 adventures

Bye for now

Miss Sullivan and 5S